Thursday, August 12, 2010

Breaking: Judge Walker Rules, No Stay in Prop 8 Repeal!

Update: Word from the Federal Courthouse
in San Francisco is that the stay will be in effect for only 6 days, which means that after next Wednesday, gay couples will once again be allowed to marry in California.

Kudos to Joe Jervis of Joe.My.God., who scooped everyone on the story by a full 20 minutes, thanks to his mole in the courthouse. Joe writes:

While my mole in the SF courthouse did allow me to scoop everybody by 20 minutes or so, it was not until at least ten minutes later did I learn that the lift order doesn't go into effect until Wednesday. I quickly updated my posts here and on Facebook and Twitter, but I must apologize to everybody for my premature ejacutweeting. This is why bloggers aren't considered "real" journalists, I'm afraid.

This breaking news comes fresh from the steps of City Hall in San Francisco. Within the last 15 minutes, Judge Vaughn Walker released his decision to dismiss the claim made by the anti-equality side in his ruling last week to stay the implementation of his ruling to overturn Prop 8.
Via 365Gay:
Just moments ago, Judge Vaughn Walker issued a decision that there denied an extension on the stay on gay marriages in California.

This means that gay couples in California may get married immediately. Proposition 8, voted in by the electorate in November 2008, limited marriage to opposite sex couples in California. The decision on the stay comes after last week’s historic decision denying the constitutionality of Prop 8 in California
In his decision, Walker wrote: “Plaintiffs seek to have the state recognize their committed relationships, and plaintiffs’ relationships are consistent with the core of the history, tradition and practice of marriage in the United States.”

It is not clear whether Walker’s decision overturning Prop 8 can be appealed; if it is decided that the plaintiffs have standing and may appeal, the case will advance to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals – the nation’s largest and most unpredictable federal appeals court.
This is a breaking news update – We’ll have more soon.
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