Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Introducing Portia DeGeneres

Actress/wife/activist Portia de Rossi has decided to change her name to Portia DeGeneres. Portia and wife Ellen will now share a last name, just like millions (billions?) of married couples throughout the ages. The celesbian couple wed in 2008 during the five-month window between legalized same-sex marriage and the passing of Prop 8.

This helps to resolve the age-old question of what to do about the last name when a gay couple gets married. Some hyphenate, many just keep their own name, but if you want just a single, shared last name, how do you decide which partner will change their name? Easy. The one who makes the most money gets to keep their name. Besides, Ellen doesn't even need her last name. You just say the name "Ellen" and everybody knows who you're talking about. If you say "Portia", people think you're talking about a "Porche", the most awesome car ever.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

Portia de Rossi has petitioned the Los Angeles County Superior Court to change her last name legally from "de Rossi" to "DeGeneres."
The actress married Ellen DeGeneres on Aug. 16, 2008, during the period when same-sex marriages were legal and licenses were being issued. The request for the name Portia Lee James DeGeneres was filed Friday, though the document made available by E! Online was signed by De Rossi in March. De Rossi, born Amanda Lee Rogers, first changed her name at age 15, she told the Advocate last year.
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