Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Papers, please! Cuccinelli's Immigration Opinion Creates a Führer

The trampling of your civil rights continues unabated in the Commonwealth of Virginia as Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli issues a legal opinion saying that it is reasonable for police to inquire about your immigration status and arrest you if you cannot prove that you are in this country legally.

That's right folks. Virginia's cops aren't busy enough trying to stop the weapons purchased at gun shows here from illegally flowing into the rest of the nation, where there are more sensible gun control laws. And, apparently, all the background checks on all the nut-jobs that buy guns at these largely unregulated gun shows and shoot up our campuses have been effectively screened and apprehended.

The Washington Post is reporting that Cuccinelli will not be outdone by Arizona when it comes to trampling the rights of Virginians and instilling fear in the hearts of women and children:
"Our opinion basically said that Virginia law enforcement has the authority to make such inquiries so long as they don't extend the duration of a stop by any significant degree,'' Cuccinelli (R) said at a news conference Monday. "That's consistent with Supreme Court authority."
The attorney general issued the opinion in response to a request from Del. Robert G. Marshall (R-Prince William), who sought clarification on whether local police, conservation officers and zoning officials could inquire about legal status.
So what if Virginia is about a thousand miles from the nearest international border? We will not sit by idly and let that Arizona whipper-snapper Gov. Jan Brewer be the face of tyranny and oppression. Virginia was the capitol of the Confederacy and still has a very active KKK, dammit! Nobody out-bigots Virginia, not while Cooch is on the job!

I'm so proud.
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