Monday, August 23, 2010

When Conservatives Eat Their Own

Ann CoulterImage via WikipediaI've always maintained that if you don't believe in evolution, you don't evolve. Today's post indicates that there may just be a glimmer of hope for the right wing nut-jobs out there, as three highly visible conservatives show some tacit support for gay rights, or at the very least, are beginning to realize that being a homophobe isn't as lucrative as it used to be.

In the last two weeks, Ann "The Ice Queen" Coulter, Glenn "Cry Baby" Beck and Elisebeth "The F'ing Idiot" Hasselbeck have each indicated their support for varying degrees of gay rights and are catching holy hell from the holy rollers for being traitors in the culture wars.

First up in the holy cross hairs is ultra-conservative author, columnist and frequent talks show guest Ann Coulter, who famously referred to former presidential candidate John Edwards as a fag and to former VP Al Gore as a "total fag".

A couple of weeks ago Coulter, who proves that, like an appendix, you can get by just fine without a soul, agreed to speak at next month's HomoCon convention in New York. The event is sponsored by GOProud, the oxymoronic political action committee of conservative gay Republicans. Coulter's acceptance of the speaking gig cost her in invitation to speak at WorldNet Daily's Talking Back America Conference

This morning conference organizer and evangelical zealot Joseph Farah writes on the WorldNet Daily web site, "Coulter is a political activist, a pundit, a satirist. She is not Jesus. And she is not an evangelist. No one is likely to get saved at Homocon because Ann Coulter gives a conservative stump speech. I'm glad Farah understands that Coulter is not Jesus. It could get very messy at Christmas.

Farah continues his rant, "What will happen as a result of her appearance is that a compromise will be made with sin. Sin will be condoned or appeased. A conservative icon will find accommodation with a sin that would undermine the foundations of Western civilization, the Judeo-Christian ethic and the most basic biblical standards of sexual morality."

For her part, Coulter says, “giving a speech is not an endorsement of every position held by the people I'm speaking to.” She called Farah a "fame whore" and said on the Fox "News" show, Red Eye, “These are fake Christians trying to get publicity.” She oughtta know.

The American Family Association's Bryan Fischer has weighed in on Coulter's move as well as Glenn Beck's recent comments about gay marriage, saying, “Count Ann Coulter and Glenn Beck as the latest deserters in the culture war and in the battle for sexual normalcy.” He adds, “They have flinched at 'precisely that little point which the world and the devil … are attacking, and so have forfeited the right to consider themselves any longer culture warriors.”

Beck told Bill O'Reilly on The O'Reilly Factor recently that he doesn't discuss the "culture wars" on his TV and radio programs. Beck hasn't really endorsed same-sex marriage, so much as he said he doesn't have a problem with it. In essence, he's just washed his hands of it by calling marriage a religious issue, not something the government should be involved with. By embracing the Libertarian philosophy, he can avoid the issue altogether.

The View's token conservatroid, Elisebeth Hasslebeck is also being hassled by the religious right. "Porno Pete" LaBarbera, of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality took exception to Hasselbeck's statement a few days ago that she supports same-sex marriage and that, although she opposes abortion in principle, she supports a woman's right to choose.

LaBarbera wrote to the former reality show star saying, "I know you take a lot of grief on the show for NOT being a liberal (on most issues) — and I respect you for that. But caving on “same-sex marriage” only hurts your credibility as The View’s  repesentative, as it were, for millions upon millions of conservative and pro-family Americans who resent the liberal media’s and Hollywood’s secular Left bias. Elizabeth, there are many EX-gay men and FORMER lesbians  who have overcome homosexuality in their lives (most by becoming born-again Christians). You should be championing them instead of counterfeit 'gay marriage'!"

The circular firing squads are forming. Ready, aim, FIRE!
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