Friday, August 13, 2010

Return of Cool Site of the Week: It's a Tie! "Views From a Broad" and "Douchebags Daily"

I realized yesterday that I hadn't done my "Cool Site of the Week" post for quite a while, so I thought it's time I got back to it. There are so many sites offering up the same old, same old. When I find something that catches my attention for more than 3 seconds, I feel like I should share it with my merry little band of readers. I'll try to do a better job of keeping up with this feature.

After scouring the interwebs for literally several minutes, I found two sites that I really like and just have to share with you. They are each the product of people I have friended on FaceBook and I've enjoyed them both for quite a while now. I really had a hard time choosing between the two, so I decided to recommend them both. Since I haven't done this post for a while, I figured it couldn't hurt.

First up is a blog from someone who is quickly becoming my favorite drag entertainer ever, the lovely and talented Ester Goldberg (Sorry, Varla, but you haven't been keeping up with your posts lately.), creator of "Views from a Broad: A Daily Dose of Showbiz Shmooze, Political Crap and Weird Ass News".

Now I understand that with everybody blogging about everything these days, it's hard to find something new and original on the web. Keeping it fresh means you have to bring something to the table that no one else can, like your own original opinion, sense of style or sense of humor. Hollywood-based Ester Goldberg brings all of that with regular videos of her stand-up comedy show, celebrity news and original interviews. Ester's delivery is part Ida Morgenstern (Nancy Walker from 70's the sitcom "Rhoda"),  part Dame Edna, with a healthy dash of pre-reconstruction Joan Rivers. Ester would have fit in perfectly on any episode of "The Nanny".

As you may have guessed, I have a thing for Jewish humor and for me there's nothing funnier than an over-the-top yenta reading someone like the New York Times.

I think what I love best about Ester is that she does what both RuPaul and Varla Jean Merman have been able to do, take the art of drag to a higher level by breaking away from what's been done before and letting her own unique style show through all the the hair and makeup. You don't see much of that in what passes for drag entertainment these days.

I love a good drag show, but unfortunately, I haven't seen a good drag show in a very long time. Sorry dears, but putting on the same, tired, nasty wig from the 80's and wearing some lame-ass excuse for a frock that you threw together on your momma's old Singer and badly lip-sinking someone else's songs doesn't cut it any more, especially when you do the same tired routine every week. Adding more sequins doesn't make it a better show when the talent just isn't there.

What Ester does is not a drag show, it's an original stage performance by an incredibly talented and funny entertainer. Have a look and take notes. There will be a quiz.

"Douchebags Daily"
My second choice for "Cool Site of the Week" comes to us via blogger Billy Pollina, called "Douchebags Daily". I'll let Billy tell you in his own words who/what qualifies as a douchebag and is worthy of mention on his site:
"What is a douchebag? We're glad you asked. A douchebag is a person who has surpassed all levels of jerk, idiot, loser, thief, liar or the like and therefore elevated themselves to the exalted title of DOUCHEBAG. Every day there's a douchebag who out does another douchebag in their doucheness. Here we post the douchest douchebags of the day. We recognize that we're not experts in doucheness so your suggestions are always welcome. Check back often for updates."
Today, DD's pick is radio scheister "Dr." Laura Schlessinger, who went on a tirade yesterday on the air dropping the N-word up to fifteen times in one conversation with an Africa-American caller. This alleged woman has reached new heights in douchebaggery and deserves special recognition in the Douchebag Hall of Fame for her homophobic rants alone. I don't know if such a place exists, but if there isn't, I'm sure "Douchebags Daily" will build one.
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