Friday, October 8, 2010

Has Brett Favre Been Sexting?

Okay this isn't exactly the kind of story I usually write about because it has to do with sports and I don't know squat about sports. But when it comes to a professional football player being accused of sending three pics of his willy to a P.Y.T. he wanted to hook up with, I'm all over it. Truth be told, if Brett Favre didn't do TV commercials, wouldn't know who the hell he is.

I'm not going to post any of the pics here, but you can go to to see them in a video they posted about the story. A young woman named Jenn Sterger, who was employed by the Jets, told Gawker back in February that NY Jets QB Brett Favre sent the pics of his junk, which the New York gossip site says it obtained from a third party.

My question is "What about the children?"

Brett Favre is a role model for millions of young men and boys all over the world. Is this the kind of behavior the heteros want to force on our children? Are these the kinds of people we want teaching our kids their perverse lifestyle? Is this the kind of person other professional athletes should have to share a locker room and showers with?

The next thing you know, kids all over the country will start taking pics of themselves naked with their cell phones and sending them out to their friends, who will post them on the web. Oh, wait. They already do that. Let's hear it for wholesome, American, heterosexual, baby-making values.

While the pics in question don't show the face attached to the offending tally-whacker, Farve has not denied the allegations, telling a reporter in the following video that he's got his hands full. He must be a grower, not a shower, because from what I've seen, he'd have to have some pretty dinky digits. 

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  1. Love this Steve. Perfectly written with just the right amount of sarcasm to make the point. What sport did/does he play? You see I follow sports also.

  2. Oh I see now he plays for the jets. Has his hands full! That's hysterical.

  3. I think he does football and Wrangler Jeans commercials. Michael Jordan does underwear. That's all I know about sports.


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