Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Prayers For Bobby" (Video)

Religious-based intolerance on the LGBT community is nothing new. What is relatively new is the increase in anti-gay rhetoric that has escalated over the last four decades that the religious right has infiltrated and taken control of the Republican Party.

What is also new is the gradual understanding in this country about the damage that hate speech disguised as God's love does to a society. Bigotry kills, it's just that simple. While the Maggie Gallaghers and Fred Phelpses of the world may not be the ones throwing the punches or pulling the triggers, they and all of those who think like them and follow them have blood on their hands every time a desperate and lonely queer kid endures another beating from a bully or ends their own life.

The 2009 Lifetime movie, "Prayers for Bobby" is based on the true story of a gay teen who took his own life because of his mother's closed mindedness. Sigourney Weaver stars as a grieving mother who waits until it's too late to confront her own faith-based bigotry.

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  1. Even though the Maggie Gallaghers and Fred Phelpses are "not throwing the punches or pulling the triggers" they are balling the fists and cocking back the hammers.


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