Thursday, October 7, 2010

Two Charged with Hate Crime for Stonewall Inn Attack

The Stonewall Inn, Christopher Street in Green...Image via WikipediaTwo men who assaulted a patron in the men's room at New York's historic Stonewall Inn during an attempted robbery over the weekend have been charged with a hate crime. The attack at the birthplace of the modern gay rights movement prompted a protest rally Wednesday night in front of the landmark bar.

According reports, the victim was standing at a urinal in the mens room when he was approached by 21-year-old Matthew Francis and 17-year-old Christopher Orlando. Francis asked the victim if he was gay. Why would you ask such a question in the most famous gay bar on the planet, unless you wanted to attack someone and use the "gay panic" defense?

CNN reports, “When the victim responded yes [the defendant] allegedly yelled, ‘Get away from me, faggot. I don’t like gay people.’ He then asked for money saying, ‘Give me a dollar. Give me a 20.’

“The victim refused and Francis allegedly pushed him to ground and punched him several times in the face and chest. The other defendant Christopher Orlando, 17, stood in front of the exit preventing him from leaving."

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