Thursday, October 14, 2010

Trans Woman Sues LPGA Over "Female at Birth" Rule

The UK's Pink News reports that 57-year-old Lana Lawless, an American trans woman who completed her transition in 2005, is suing the LPGA, claiming that it's rule stating that women competing in its tournaments must be female at birth violates California's non-discrimination laws.
She won the Women's Long Drive Association in 2008 but was barred from the contest this year because it changed its rules to match the LPGA's. Her lawsuit demands that the LPGA suspends events in California until the "female at birth" policy is changed. It also mentions the Long Drivers of America, which runs the Women's Long Drive Association contest and two of the Long Drivers of America's sponsors. She argues that the policies violate California's equality laws.

Ms Lawless, a former police officer, said: "I just want to have the same opportunity to play professional golf as any other woman. "I am, in all respects, legally, and physically female. The State of California recognizes me as such and the LPGA should not be permitted to come into California and blatantly violate my rights."

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