Monday, October 25, 2010

LGBT Leaders Unite in Support of Pennsylvania's Patrick Murphy (video)

It's no secret that the Democrats in general - and President Obama in particular - have been a huge disappointment to the LGBT community since regaining control of the White House and both houses of Congress in the '08 elections. But there is one democrat who understands that he was sent to DC to represent all Americans, including us queers. Congressman Patrick Murphy (D-PA), an Iraq War veteran, has had the guts to lead the fight for DADT repeal and several prominent members of our community have taken the time to say "thanks" by participating in this campaign ad.

It's not often that you see a who's who of the LGBTQ agreeing on anything, but these queer leaders, who are often vehemently opposed on how to best achieve full equality, have all agreed to throw their support to Murphy. If you've ever wondered who the opinion makers are, this is a good place to start. Be sure to take notes kids. There will be a quiz. Find out more at ActBlue.

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