Wednesday, October 7, 2009

ABC News picks up National Equality March story and Obama's HRC speech

In the final days leading up to Sunday's National Equality March, the mainstream press has finally decided we're worth talking about. ABC News posted a story on there website last night. Why the sudden attention after five months of planning? Because of President Obama's scheduled key note speech at the annual Human Rights Campaign awards gala this Friday night.

I guess we should be grateful that HRC has such pull at the White House. The one thing that's been missing from the march has been a celebrity endorsement, unless you count Lady GaGa. The neo-diva said this weekend that she will be there marching with us, even though she called it a Gay Pride march. Er, thanks?

The AP news story seems to have done some good. We should probably see more coverage in the next few days.

On Monday I contacted Jay Warren, anchor of Roanoke's Newschannel 10, via his FaceBook page, to see if there was any interest in doing a story about our local efforts to get the Star City's LGBT community to go to DC this weekend. He responded saying he would pitch the idea to his editor. As of today, I haven't heard anything more.

I also reached out to Star City Harbinger's Hank Bostwick, who cross-posted my Roanoke Pride story, with an offer to share my march coverage and pics. I haven't received a response yet. Maybe gay rights are not alternative enough for Roanoke's Alternative News Source.

Hank, check your e-mail.
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  1. Steve, I admire your energy....your continued energy esp. when mine is fizzling out a bit. I feel many news outlets already know very well that this event is to take place. They are most likely suddenly all going to jump on this story at the last moment...simply because they can't avoid the size of it...and yes because Obama is going to say something(maybe get off the fence..?) . Our battle for equality,in itself, has little importance to their perception of what the public wants to see.Obama speaking has relevancy and clout, and we should be grateful(?) that he chooses to do so.


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