Friday, October 16, 2009

This Queer Little Planet: Italian Couple Sues Over Gay Cruise Booking

Gee, it must feel awful to have to spend three days with a group of people whose sexual orientation is different from your own. I wonder if they were asked, "How do you know you're straight?" or "Have you ever tried it the other way?"

How many fellow cruisers said to the wife, "You should meet my niece" or told the husband, "Have I got a guy for you"?

Cry me a river. reports: A straight Italian couple is suing a cruise line for accidentally booking them on Italy's first all-gay cruise.

The unnamed middle-aged couple was booked for three nights aboard a Grimaldi Lines ship from Civitavecchia to Barcelona. They said that when they saw media crews at the dock they thought a celebrity was on the ship. They only later found that it was a cruise for gay men.
Their lawyer, Antonio Francesconi, told the Daily Mail that the suit isn't because they are homophobic but due to "lost satisfaction because no one had told them their holiday was at the same time as the gay cruise."

Francesconi said the couple was not notified that they would be on a gay cruise. They said they were embarrassed because they bumped into some people they knew who were not out to them, "which was uncomfortable for all parties," Francesconi said. They are suing for approximately $4,500 U.S.

Alessio De Giorgio, one of the cruise organizers, said, "This is a clear case of homophobia. Nothing scandalous happened. It's a clear example of how prevalent homophobia is in this country."
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