Friday, October 30, 2009

Cool site of the week: The Onion

If you like your news with a side of sarcasm and the Daily Show is too tame for your taste, then check out The Onion. It's kind of like what SNL's Weekend Update would be if it had fewer network constraints and better writers.

These are some of this week's Onion headlines:

"Three Escaping Legislators Shot From Senate Guard Tower", "Man Pinned Beneath Car Wondering When Adrenaline Going To Kick In" 

What I love best about the Onion is their "who cares if the facts don't fit the story " attitude. That's what really great comedy writing is all about. And if you can't find a picture to go with the story? Well, that's why God invented Photo Shop.

The Onion also features some of the funniest faux News videos on the web, if you don't count Fox News:

Fatal Staples Center Collapse Brings Merciful Early End To Clippers Game

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