Sunday, October 18, 2009

Equality Across the Commonwealth Update

Busy day today. Ran around all day posting fliers. Met with Ashley Allen from the Hollins University LGBT group, Out Loud. She's going to speak with their president. She seemed into it. Spoke with Mara Robbins of the Floyd P-FLAG chapter. She's spreading the word as well. 

Stopped by Roanoke College to post fliers and scope out the venue. I think it's okay for us to park in the parking lot at the Perry Dr. entrance to the campus on Thompson Memorial Dr., as long as we're not demonstrating there. The permit allows us to be on Peery Dr. and High St. which sort of merge and loop around in front of Olin Hall, where the debate is being held. We MUST stay on the sidewalk, not in the street and we cannot block pedestrian traffic.

We can either pick a spot to stay or march. I guess it will depend on how many show up. A smaller group would be stationary, a larger group could march. 

We must keep our message POSITIVE. We are there to support Creigh Deeds and to challenge both candidates to stand up for LGBT Equality. Given the choice of the two candiates, we stand a better chance with Deeds. McDonnell is very anti-gay.

If there are counter protesters, Do Not Engage Them. I can't stress this enough. This is a PEACEFUL demonstration. Stay focused on that.  

Frank and I have each left messages with the faculty sponsor of the  Roanoke College LGBT student group. We have not heard back from him. I noticed today that Roanoke College is on a fall break until Monday. Maybe I'll hear from him then.

It would be great to have some stright allies with us. Families and kids are welcome and would make a great the point that we are, in fact, just like everybody else and have loving relationships with friends and families of our own.  

Chuck Lineberg and I had a great meeting with Terry McGuire from Human Rights Campaign today about staying on message and staying positive. Chuck is working on making posters. He's been a big help with all this. 

If you are approached by reporters do not speak with them, refer them to me or another designated spokesperson. As of now, I will be the spokesperson for our group. I've asked Len Rogers to help me out with this. I'm waiting to hear back from him to confirm this. Len is putting together a press release for the event. Thanks for doing that buddy.

I'll be meeting with the Roanoke Pride committee tomorrow night to try to get them involved. Wish me luck.

I'll keep you posted

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