Tuesday, October 13, 2009

National Equality March Pics Have Been Posted (and Other Stuff)

The pics from Sunday's National Equality March are now available on my Flickr page. I've also posted them on FaceBook. You can click on the links on the right side bar to get to them, A big thanks to my partner, Paul for going to DC with me and being my photographer again. We had an amazing day and met some great people. The pic posted here is me and my hubby in front of the White House.

The scratchy throat that started on Friday night is now a fulll-blown head cold. I managed to keep it at bay through the weekend by sheer will power and adrenaline. But after a long, busy weekend, it's managed to kick my butt. No, it's not the Hiney Flu (H1N1), just the usual thing I get about twice a year.

I'll have to pull it together long enough to get through this afternoon's meeting with Congressman Rick Boucher's staff in Pulaski at 3 pm today. The meeting was arranged by Human Rights Campaign's Project No Excuses in an effort to get the LGBT community more engaged with their representatives. HRC needs to do more of these projects.

The nation's largest gay rights group has increasingly come under fire from gay bloggers (including this one) and grass roots organizations for being more concerned about throwing black tie dinners and protecting its access to power than demanding more decisive action the from White House and Congress. That having been said, I'll give credit where credit is due. Any group that at least tries to get our community more politically engaged is okay by me. That doesn't mean I approve of everything HRC does, but if the group can use its clout to help me get a foot in the door in order to ask Rep. Boucher's staff why he supported the failed Federal Marriage Amendment in '06, while voting in favor on ENDA, I'll take advantage of the opportunity. HRC has given Boucher a 25% rating on LGBT rights issues for his inconsistent record. The man has got some 'splainin' to do.

Boucher represents Virginia's 9th district, which covers everything southwest of Roanoke, including Va. Tech and Radford. I encourage LGBT student groups from both schools to get involved. your brothers and sisters really turned out in force at the march on Sunday. There are things you can do locally, you just have to get engaged in the process.
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