Friday, October 16, 2009

Stand Up for Equality in the Commonwealth!

This is a call to action!

Join us at the Gubernatorial Debates at Roanoke College on Tuesday, October 20th at 7pm as we send a message to Creigh Deeds and Bob McDonnell that homophobia and intolerance in the Commonwealth of Virginia is unacceptable. Bob McDonnell is rabidly anti-gay. Creigh Deeds says his views on equality for LGBT Americans are "evolving".

Roanoke Equality will be gathering outside Olin Theater on the campus of Roanoke College for a peaceful demonstration calling for equal protection under civil law in all matters governed by civil law in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We will call on the candidates to work with us to overturn Virginia's Marriage Amendment, which enshrined bigotry into our constitution in 2006.

The next generation is our best hope for achieving our full constitutional rights. The most powerful message at last weekend's National Equality March came from young people from all across the country who traveled to our nation's capital by the tens of thousands to call upon our leaders to say "no" to bigotry and to change our country's discriminatory laws.  Roanoke Equality calls upon LGBT Virginians and our allies to do the same here at home.

Join the Face Book group Roanoke Equality  Sign up for Tuesday night's demonstration by leaving a comment.

It's time to move Virginia into the 21st century. The time is now. Stand up for your rights. No one will do it for you.


We have secured the permit for what we're calling the Equality Across the Commonwealth demonstration on Tuesday the 20th. I will be meeting with Frank House at Mill Mountain Coffee downtown on Campbell Ave. at 2:00 pm to put our plans together. We are coordinating via the Roanoke Equality discussion board on FaceBook. We welcome your input please get involved and make a statement. Things are moving pretty quickly and time is short. Take action against intolerance.

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