Friday, October 23, 2009

Cool Site of the Week:

This week's Cool Site is one of my all time favorites. takes the over the top Christian right and makes it even more over the top with original videos, a blog and a variety of merchandise that you'll wish you thought of first. I've featured Mrs. Bowers' videos, like "Betty Bowers Explains Traditional Marriage to Everyone Else" on the Cyber-Pulpit in previous posts, but there is so much more to "America's Best Christian and Most Saved Baptist".

I personal favorite part of the site is "Christian Crack Whore Ministry" which Mrs. Bowers explains like this:

"By humanely easing these industrious tramps off of crack cocaine with compassionate fistfuls of OxyContins, Darvons, Demerols and Percocets mixed with Chivas Regal, I am showing these tawdry harlots how they can embrace respectable Republican values without any discernible sacrifice of the buzz for which they are so eagerly debased. And without having to pay retail crack prices, these working girls suddenly find that they have more disposable income for the one thing that leads to salvation: tithing! Praise the Lord!"
  Visit and check out her advice column, "What Would Betty Do?", her many ministries like BASH: Baptists Are Saving Homosexuals, or find out if you're going to Hell by taking her New TESTament.
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