Friday, October 9, 2009

David Mixner Responds to Barney Frank's Poo-pooing the National Equality March

 Via Live From Hell's Kitchen:

"Never one to disappoint, Congressman Barney Frank once again chose to provide cover for his colleagues over the grassroots LGBT community.

Bless his heart.

This time, the Congressman has simply declared, even before it has happened, the National Equality March as useless. This utterance follows a long list of the Congressman statements that makes the community scratch its head. In 1993, Frank could not wait to endorse Clinton's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" as a good and important first step. He urged the community to get behind the policy. So here we are sixteen years later, frantically looking for a way to repeal this policy after 12,000 lives have been destroyed .

In 1996, Frank once again was the cheerleader. This time he said President Clinton had no choice except to sign DOMA and we should grow up and understand it. Of course, a week later the Clinton campaign was running ads in the Southern states bragging that they signed a bill banning gay marriage. Here we are sixteen years later trying to clean up the mess of DOMA.

Given his record on some key issues and his strong belief that we have to go slow and piecemeal to our freedom if I were you, I would ignore his advice this time and march this Sunday. Love you Barney but you were wrong then and you are wrong now."

Bless your heart

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