Friday, October 30, 2009

Another sex scandal in SC. What is with those southern breeders?

In the latest of what can only be called an epidemic of sex scandals in the -- well I'm not sure what they call South Carolina, the "Rhubarb State", the "As-long-as-the-wife-doesn't-know State", the "Do-as-I say, not-as-I-do State" -- state prosecutor Roland Corning was caught with an 18-year-old hooker in a Columbia cemetery at around 3:15 pm Wednesday , apparently looking for an after-nooner.

According to a WIS-TV report, the 66-year-old Corning was found to have sex toys and Viagra in his possession, "just in case."

Just in case of what? In case he wanted to destroy his career and reputation by trolling for sex at a cemetery known for drug trafficking and prostitution, that had been under police surveillance for months -- something he should have known as a State Prosecutor in the first place? I guess the Appalachian Trail is too far for a pre-Happy Hour quickie. Gotta love the Halloween theme, though.

Sadly, the only release Corning got was a release from Po-Po custody without charges being filed. It helps to have connections, even if it's your last one. Corning is longer working in the Attorney General's office.

Read the full story here.
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