Sunday, October 4, 2009

Video: SCTV's Andrea Martin in "Cooking with Prickly"

Andrea Martin is one of the most talented and under-recognized comedians ever to come out of the Great White North. In the late 70's SCTV featured dozens denizens of Melonville, courtesy of  Martin, and cast mates John Candy, Martin Short, Eugene Levy, Dave Thomas, Joe Flaherty, Rick Moranis and Catherine O'Hara brought Canadian comedy to the lower 48.

While most of the cast went on to fame by way of SNL or movie roles, the versatile and hilarious Andrea Martin never had the big break that would have put her career over the top. She has had a successful run as a character actress in films like "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", as one of the little old ladies in "The Producers" and has had a successful voice-over career in animated films like "Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius".

Here she is doing my favorite SCTV character, Edith Prickly in "Cooking with Prickley".

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