Friday, February 11, 2011

Cool Site of the Week: Forget Barbie, it's

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Mattel has been trying to revive the magic between Barbie and Ken with a website, Twitter, Facebook and even billboards (in southern California) insinuating that the plastic eunuch wants his inappropriate role model of an ex-girlfriend back.

Unless you're an 11-year-old girl (or a 40-year-old gay man with your own personal Barbie museum) you may not even be aware that the couple split up in 2004. I wasn't, until I saw a post at the Advocate site saying that there is a website that has launched a campy campaign of its own pushing for Ken to come out and be open about his relationship with his boy toy Ben.

That's right, boys and girls, your Cool Site of the Week today is Ken and Ben, featuring a very daddy-like Ken impersonator, complete with Tom Selleck moustache, and his much younger looking plastic paramour, Ben, sporting real-life hair and facial scruff. The thought of this mature Ken with the forever teen Barbie strikes me as just plain creepy, but the Daddy/Twink dynamic of this Ken and his Ben is just plain hot! (I am assuming that the Ben doll is over 18.)

Back in 1993, Mattel came out with an updated Ken, who sported an earring. Even though his new look was supposed to reflect the changing trends of America's youth, the doll was instantly labeled Gay Ken. Mattel has never said that this was a factor in Barbie and Ken's breakup, but seriously, neither of the two have anything between their legs or even the slightest hint of nipples. When you've got no genitals, does it really matter who you love?

So cruise on over to Ken and Ben and vote on the Love Meter to let these two crazy kids spend their Valentine's Day together and tell that tease Barbie to take a hike.
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