Friday, February 4, 2011

Relaxation and De-Stress Workshop for Gay and Lesbian Couples

I had the pleasure of meeting Amy Jo Wheeler last night at work. Actually, we had met once or twice before, as I helped her at work with some print projects, but it was strictly business. This time was different when I saw the fliers she was working on announcing her Valentine's Day Relaxation and De-Stress Workshop for same-sex couples. So I introduced myself and offered to help her promote her event through this here little blog thing.

Yes, right in in little old Roanoke, Virginia, there is a business other than a bar or night club that goes beyond being simply queer-friendly and is actually queer-affirming. Amy Jo, a Reflexologist, Reiki Specialist and Pampering Expert is the owner and proprietor of Luxurious, in Grandin Village. So here's the good part. Amy Jo invites you the spend two hours learning how to pamper your partner's feet and connect with each other in a loving, soothing environment.

The workshop will take place on Saturday, February 19, from 6:30-pm to 8:30pm, at 1415 Grandin Rd. (Near the Food Co-Op). Homemade chocolate and cheese will be served!. The price is just $40 per couple. How can you go wrong? I think this is a great way to take it up a notch with your Valentine's Day gift giving this year.

What a great way to say "I love you"! Check out the Luxurious Pampering website here. Call Amy Jo at 571-215-4963 by February 15th to reserve your space.

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  1. Hey Steve...I will post this event info, with links to your article here as well. Thanks. This is a breath of fresh air and it would be great if this caught on with some other businesses etc.


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