Monday, February 21, 2011

UPDATE: "Anonymous" Threat to WBC is a Hoax

Wow, just when you thought somebody had balls enough to stand up to the Phelps klan, you find out some nutless wonder has been having a little fun on the interwebs.

As I reported this morning, a post appeared last week on the website of the radical hackers, Anonymous threatening to take out the websites of the Westboro Baptist Church as a means of teaching them a lesson about the consequences of hate speech.

The Phelpses issued a defiant statement on their website with a very simple message,"Bring it on!"

Today Anonymous fired back, denying they had anything to do with the threat that appeared on their site and accusing WBC of planting it on the open-forum site in order to manufacture a feud, which might lead to a lawsuit, which is how WBC makes a lot of its money.

What most likely happened is that a fan of the Anonymous site posted the threat as a hoax and neither of the two principal parties had anything to do with it.

Well, this would have been a good story if there had been anything to it. Even MSM like CBS News ran with it, so I don't feel like so much of an idiot for falling for it. Better luck next time.

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