Friday, February 4, 2011

Cool Site of the Week: Quack City - Toons from the Left-Wing

I really have to get better about doing this feature on a weekly basis. It's getting so I should start calling it"Cool Site of the Every Now and Then". I promise I'll be more diligent.

I was checking my FaceBook messages and lo and behold there's one from Buckminster Duck (pictured left), which said:
WELCOME to the DUCK POND... if you are looking for a little SANITY amongst ALL the INSANITY as we waddle towards
LGBT EQUALITY.....then.....I AM your DUCK!!!

get ready for something FEATHERED and FESTIVE with an invitation to visit my website - - or - my FB-WALL to discover that I am an OUT, OUT-raged and OUT-rageous little quacker who will sometimes tickle you with a DUCKFEATHER and other times it will be a STILETTO right in the forehead.

I look forward to FB-ing with you on the horizon...until then

Regular readers know how I am about ducks. Paul and I have been the proud papas of a total of eleven ducks over the years. So when I surfed on over to, I became an instant fan of the wacky, quacky political humor. Quack City and it's most prominent citizen, Buckminster Duck, are the brainchild of the talented cartoonist Earl Storm, who describes himself this way:
"As a gay man in my FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABULOUS fifties, I know the social injustice of prejudice and inhumanity first hand. Just when i feel we have evolved as a society, I am deeply and harshly reminded how unenlightened America can be. It is that dance between hope and disillusionment that calls me to cartoon as an  artful way of alchemy to stay sane in an insane world." 
Buckminster Duck has taken on Bullying, Teen Suicide, Same-Sex Marriage, Christine O'Donnell, Sarah Palin, Tea-Baggers in general and Don't Ask, Don't Tell. If you're looking for something fresh, new and different in political humor, check out, but beware of stilettos to the forehead.

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