Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Three Stooges Meet Cher... as a NUN?? Seriously?

Film makers Peter and Bobby Farrelly have managed to come up with a movie scenario that combines two of my favorite things in the universe, Cher and The Three Stooges. I know, right? I'm thinking "WTF?" too.

The word in Tinsel Town is that the Farrelly Brothers ("Dumb and Dumber", Stuck on You"), have been developing a big screen Three Stooges movie. There's something about this that is both intriguing and blasphemous. I grew up watching The Stooges on TV and I'm a huge fan. I even like Shemp. I've seen comics attempt to do The Stooges many times over the years and it always comes off bad. Those guys were unique and their comic timing was impeccable. Even the made for TV bio film about them sucked.

I'm not sure that adding Cher into the mix as the trio's comic foil will help. The LA Times reports:
Larry, Curly, Moe and...Cher?

Even as they continue to seek the three leads for their big-screen version of "The Three Stooges," Peter and Bobby Farrelly say they have an unusual idea for one of the lead female roles: The brothers are aiming to put Cher in the movie.

The goal is for the singer-actress to play Mother Superior, the nun whom the Stooges terrorize.

Cher had a cameo in the Farrellys' Siamese-twin comedy "Stuck on You" back in 2003. At the time, the writer-directors spoke to the diva about a part in the "Stooges" film, which they'd hoped to shoot next. (They've been developing it for a long time.) She agreed, they said.

"Cher is just the coolest chick ever," Peter Farrelly told 24 Frames. "It's hard to describe. You meet a lot of celebrities in our business. We're not cowed by many of them. But Cher is bawdy, she's fun, she's cool, she's lived a life, she's got experience, she's humble. It's the humility that struck me the most. She's not really a diva."  A representative for Cher did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Casting for the Fox film -- which aims to shoot, after years of development holdups, this spring -- is entering the homestretch.
The plan is to update The Stooges and place them in modern day America. Call me a purist, but these guys were the sons of Eastern European immigrants, who started out in Vaudeville and began their Hollywood career during the 30's. That's what shaped their humor. Most often, their stories revolved around looking for food or work. By our standards, they would be considered homeless and the only possible interaction they might have with Cher is that she would trip over them on the street while texting her plastic surgeon that she's running late for her Botox appointment.

Don't get me wrong, I love me some Cher, but this sounds like a bad vehicle for her. There hasn't been a confirmation that she'll do the film. I hope that she'll decide on a better project than this for her follow up to "Burlesque".

Read the full article here .
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