Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dan Choi interviews White Supremacist at CPAC (video)

Does Dan Choi have a future as an on camera interviewer? If this video (courtesy of The Bilerico Project) is any indication, maybe so.

Lt. Dan attended the CPAC convention this week with Bilerico co-founder Bil Browning. CPAC is the annual gathering of conservative politicos, pundits and activists that is being boycotted by some of its more radical elements (AFA, CWA and the rest of the hate groups) over its inclusion of GOProud, the gay Republican group.

Browning and Choi stopped by the Youth For Western Civilization booth this week. They spoke with the group's Vice president, Devin Saucier about their position on the gays, minorities in general and the inclusion of gays in their group. Amazingly, the cute Aryan Youth doesn't really mind the gays as much as the multiculturalists. Choi even got him to admit that he doesn't mind the Asians so much either, just as long as they stop hyphenating their cultural identity. By the end of the interview, I expected the two passionate, polar-opposite activists to get a room.

Saucier kept saying he couldn't speak on behalf of his group, despite the fact that he is the uniculturalist org's VP, was sent to represent them at CPAC and agreed to speak on camera. It turns out White Supremacists don't really hate the gays or other minority groups, they just hate immigration, Affirmative Action and the "cult of victimization". It seems to me that they could solve a lot of their own problems by not victimizing minorities in the first place, but what do I know?

Kudos to Lt. Dan for a great interview.

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