Saturday, February 12, 2011

Separate and Unequal: Hawaii House Passes Civil Unions

Hawaii is poised to become the seventh state to legalize civil unions for same-sex couples, as the the Aloha State's house of representatives voted 31-19 Friday in favor of allowing a separate and unequal legal recognition of  committed, loving relationships between gays and lesbians.

 The Associated Press reportsHONOLULU (AP) - The Hawaii House of Representatives has voted to approve civil unions for same-sex couples, moving the proposal to the state Senate for final legislative consideration.
The House passed the bill on a 31-19 vote Friday, leaving only state Senate approval and the governor's signature before the measure becomes law.
The Senate already passed a similar version of the legislation last month, and new Democratic Gov. Neil Abercrombie has said he supports civil unions.
Hawaii would become the seventh state to grant essentially the same rights of marriage to same-sex couples through civil unions or similar laws. Five states and the District of Columbia permit same-sex marriage. The Senate could take action on the bill as soon as next week.
This should be reason to celebrate as a significant step forward in our struggle for equality, but I'm sorry, I just can't stomach any law that says that I'm almost, but not quite equal to everyone else, just because I'm gay. I'm an all or nothing kinda guy. As another Virginian, Patrick Henry, once said, "Give me liberty, or give me death."

I will never support civil unions, domestic partnerships or anything less that full marriage equality. We have long passed the incrementalist approach to achieving our God-given rights. Separate is never equal. It says so in the constitution.

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