Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Viking Zombie Boyfriend, by Jeremy Rizza (2-1-11)

Dill loves anything even remotely connected to Osmunda Haines, his favorite aging starlet from Hollywood's Golden Age. But he will not let that stop him from releasing his inner fashion bitch.

Jeremy writes: "When you’re as focused on fashion as Dill, sometimes you can’t help but critique people! (And of course, Dill is going to get his hands on every bit of Osmunda Haines ephemera available.)"

"I wrote the line about the hat possibly being upside-down, and then I realized I couldn’t think of one that could be worn that way.  I wound up typing 'church hat' into a search engine and stumbled onto a variation of the beauty you see here."

Click on the image for better viewing.

Visit VikingZombieBoyfriend.com for past strips and character back stories. Check out the VZB fan page on FaceBook and be sure to take a look at the collection of VZB merchandise at Cafe Press. 

Posted with the permission of the artist.

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