Monday, March 14, 2011

Born This Way Parody: "Target Are You Anti-Gay?" (Music Video)

This is the latest viral video aimed at promoting discount retailer Target a for it's support of anti-gay politicians and organizations. Target used to be a favorite of the LGBT community for its unique and combination of style and discount pricing.

Last week Lady GaGa called off an exclusive deal for the sale of her upcoming deluxe album. Target reps had claimed that they had always included pro-LGBT organizations in their corporate giving. Critics claim this only came about after word got out about last year's anti-gay donations.
It came out last year that the the retailer had been donating to anti-gay former Republican candidate Tom Emmer, who lost is bid to become Minnesota governor. The LGBT Community has been boycotting the retailer ever since. Some reports indicated a 2% drop in Target sales during the 2010 holiday season, while other retailers saw increases over the previous year's sales.

Best Buy owned by the same corporation and is also being targeted for boycott.

Parody of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" about Target's agreement to exclusively sell Lady Gaga's upcoming deluxe album that was cancelled by Lady Gaga due to Target's donations toward anti-gay politicians.

Parody: Sean Chapin

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