Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday Morning Ran-dumb-ness

Okay, so here we are on another Tuesday morning with a blank page to fill. The Japan earthquake/tsunami tragedy continues to dominate the news.

Explosions at quake damaged nuclear power plants continue to raise fears of radiation exposure. The magnitude and scope of this disaster seems to increase by the hour. It remains to be seen how the Japanese people will recover from this, but I think it's fair to say that they will, in time. Sending positive thoughts to the victims and survivors.

The move to North Carolina proceeds slowly but surely. We've been able to move a few loads to the new place. We're trying to clear out a lot of excess crap from the basement and garage here at Morning Wood Acres, as well as any extra stuff we don't use all the time.

Not the actual tree, but you get the idea.
We made a trip down over the weekend. the weather was warm at about 74 degrees and the trees were starting to bloom. It turns out that we have one of my favorite trees, a Weeping Cherry, in our front yard and it was in full bloom.

A Weeping Cherry is a cross between a Weeping Willow and a Cherry Tree. This one is probably about 60 years old, so it's very tall and the trunk and inner branches are kind of thick and gnarly. The outer branches trail like a willow and sway in the breeze. It's gorgeous.

This just in via Newsr:
Bomb Squad Sent to Diffuse Sex Toy
Russia has been tense since the Moscow airport bombing earlier this year, but a bomb squad in Petrozavodsk got something to laugh about yesterday. The city's main postal building was evacuated and surrounded by security forces after a worker reported a suspicious package with a ticking noise. The bomb squad was sent in, only to find a vibrator that had been turned on by accident, the Telegraph reports. A police spokesman says the sex toy will be returned to the post office and sent to its intended recipient.
So, boys and girls, thanks for stopping by and get out there and make it a great day! Tomorrow is St. Patty's Day. Get your green beer drink on, but don't drive. The cops will be out in force looking for drunks with green around their mouths.

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