Monday, March 21, 2011

Update on The Big Move

It's slow and steady on the home front as the hubby and I do what we can to get things organized at the the new place in North Carolina. We have been making trips down over the last several weeks with pickup loads of boxes and furniture. We still have no firm move date yet.

We saw some definite signs of progress. We had the nasty, old, worn out, powder blue 1980's carpeting taken up in the dining room to reveal (TAH-DAAH!) nasty, old, green, 1950's linoleum tile. We had hoped for hardwood floors. It's been a lot of work and there is so much more to do to get our old place ready to sell.

Did I mention that we'll be living next to my in-laws? There are also some cousins across the street and around the corner. In fact most of my hubby's extended family lives in our new home town. It's like "Everybody Loves Raymond" meets "Sordid Lives". Lots of people stopping by for a visit. I may finally get down to writing that book I've always wanted to write.

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  1. I wish you the best Steven. I will remember the conversations and laughter we shared at Mill Mtn Coffee. I am very appreciative of all your help with those events etc. We share a cause, a passion, the need for full equality for all. Good luck...and love the book idea, would love to read it after you're done.


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