Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Viking Zombie Boyfriend", by Jeremy Rizza (3-2-11)

Jeremy writes, "Our shy li’l cub Paco is growing up! He went and got himself (what he considers to be) a boyfriend! We’ll get the reactions from Rorik, Rex and Sticky next week."

"I had intended for Paco and Dill to be in the same location for this week’s strip, but I couldn’t think of an activity they would share without Rorik being involved.  Hence the late-night phone call.  Rorik himself must be out of house, because Dill is wearing a shirt.  And Paco is just hangin’ out in his undies, as buff young men are apt to do (I’ve been reliably informed.) Which also tells me that his sister is not around, or else she would give him hell for sitting on her couch with no pants on."

"I’m probably over-thinking this.  I do that a lot." 

The Rev says, "No complaints from where I'm sittin'!" 

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Posted with the permission of the artist.

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