Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lady Gaga, "Born This Way": Official Over-Blown Music Video (Possibly NSFW)

Okay kids, here's the latest Gaga video that everybody has been talking about. Mother Monster's latest music video, "Born This Way" celebrates the LGBT community in her characteristic over-blown style. It's got sort of a Dune-inspired, sci-fi epic melodrama vibe that will give her fans more of what they love and her critics more of what they don't. The operative word here is more.

Elton John was so impressed by "Born This Way" that he called it a new gay anthem and has chosen Gaga to be godmother to his infant son, Zachary. And you thought Madonna's kids were gonna need therapy.

Speaking of Mother Madge, it's become increasingly hard to believe that this song was not at least inspired by "Express Yourself", especially with the gap-toothed homage to the material girl at the end.

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