Friday, March 18, 2011

Poll: 53% of Americans Support Marriage Equality

Taken from Image:Hendricks-leboeuf.jpg Wedding...Image via WikipediaA new poll conducted by ABC News and The Washington Post shows that support for same-sex marriage has grown across the board in all segments of American society from a low of just 32% in 2004 to 53% today.

Here's the breakdown by age group, via ABC News:
GROUPS – While younger adults and liberals remain at the forefront of support for gay marriage, the new results underscore its expansion. In an ABC/Post poll five and a half years ago, for example, under-30s were the sole age group to give majority support to gay marriage, at 57 percent. Today it's 68 percent in that group – but also 65 percent among people in their 30s, up a remarkable 23 points from the 2005 level; and 52 percent among those in their 40s, up 17 points.

Adults 50 and older remain more skeptical, but even that's seen change. Most notably, 33 percent of seniors now say gay marriage should be legal, up from 18 percent five years ago.
While the struggle for equality is far from over, we can fight on knowing that we have the wind at our backs. We still face stiff opposition, but this is great news for LGBT Americans. 

Read the full article here.

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