Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Wave Wednesday: "Head Over Heals", by The Go Go's (music video)

Talk Show (The Go-Go's album)Image via WikipediaFormed in 1978, the LA band The Go Go's made a name for itself in punk clubs before taking on a more New Wave/Pop sound that would take them to the top of the charts with the 1981 release of their album "Beauty and the Beat", which was the top selling album for six weeks in 1982.

Plagued with personality conflicts and drug use by some band members, the most successful all female band in rock history disbanded after the release of the album "Talk Show", which included today's New Wave fave, "Head Over Heals" in 1984.

Lead singer Belinda Carlisle had a successful solo career with the hits "I Get Weak" and "Circles in the Sand".

Bassist Jane Wiedlin also pursued a solo career of her own, which included a cameo in the 1985 murder mystery/comedy movie version of the classic board game "Clue", as the singing messenger who gets shot at the front door. 

The band has reunited from time to time over the years and continues to tour. 

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