Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New NOH8 Ad Features Col. Victor Fehrenbach

Even though the President signed the repeal of DADT several weeks ago, the policy still remains in effect for several more months while the DOJ conducts "training" (which we can only assume includes issuing soap-on-a -rope to all non-gay personnel) and the Exalted High Muckity-Mucks sign off on certification.

In the mean time, there continue to be calls from activists to end discharges under the ban on open service, which means we can look forward to more NOH8 photo ads from Adam Bouska, hopefully featuring Colonel Beefcake Victor Fehrenbach, who fought for three years against his DADT dismissal.

Fehrenbach won his case in February and will be able to retire in October after twenty years of service with full benefits. Fehrenbach was forced to come out in order to defend himself against sexual assault charges.
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