Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Morning Randomness and Guacamole Brain

Ever have one of those days where you're just not feelin' it? I get them more frequently the older I get. Each morning I get up and review my daily news feeds and check the interwebs for interesting stories to share, so I can give my own slanted perspective on them. Most days it comes pretty easily. Other days, like today, it feels like my brain as turned into guacamole. The ideas just don't come.

It's not that there isn't anything going on in the world, it's just that on days like this I find it really hard to care about the fact that Donald Trump is a homophobic asshole who thinks that gays should have no right to marriage, job protection or anything else. Sure, the ego maniacal reality tool says he's toying with the idea of running for president, but he always says that every few years as part of his endless self-promotion campaign.

The fact that The Donald is a total douchebag who hates the gays is nothing new either, but it does explain why, even with all his money, he can't get a decent haircut anywhere on the planet. This is mildly interesting stuff to a tiny minority of people, but it's hardly anything to devote an entire article to, as many of my fellow queer bloggers are doing..  

George Michael is trying to stay relevant by forcing the British tabloids to listen to him go on about his marijuana use, but that doesn't make him more newsworthy or interesting, it just makes him sad and pathetic. You've had a good run, George. You gave us some good music and some entertaining scandals about twenty-five years ago, but compared to Charlie Sheen, you're a rank amateur. Our community needs positive role models who have the balls to come out voluntarily and inspire us to overcome prejudice, not some falling down drunk, middle-aged Lindsey Lohan wanna-be, who only came out because he got busted in a public toilet trying to give a blow job to an undercover cop. I've already devoted too much space to the story.

Now for some updates from the home front. Paul and I continue our ongoing effort to clear out as much clutter as possible so we can get our house ready to go on the market. As I wrote about a few weeks back, we're going to be moving to Gastonia, NC (in the Charlotte area) to be closer to his folks. In fact, we'll be living right next door to them. We got a really sweet deal on a foreclosure. It's a 1950's ranch with a semi-finished basement, four bedrooms and three full bathrooms. It's got good bones, but needs work, some of which is currently underway. The kitchen needs an update, the carpet is straight out of The Golden Girls and the wallpaper in the hallway looks like something you'd see in a dentist's waiting room. A fresh coat of paint throughout will do a lot of good. I've posted pics on Flickr that you can check out if you're interested.

We will miss our little slice of heaven here at Morning Wood Acres, but we will not miss spending hours and hours of wet-vaccing the leaky basement, like we did yesterday. It will be a trade-off. We'll have a bigger house, but less privacy, especially with the in-laws and some neighboring cousins popping in at random times. They have all offered a variety of design tips and we have two offers to make curtains. The up side is that trips to the grocery store and any other errands won't take all day, as they do now. We'll be closer to everything we need. I'm working on a transfer with my job.

I will continue with this here blog thingy and will be introducing more North Carolina content as I find my way around the home town.

So there you have it. Another Monday morning post out of the way. Have a great week!   

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