Wednesday, August 3, 2011

ABC Family (formerly Pat Robertson's CBN) Tops GLAAD's Network Responsibility Index

ABC Family has received an "Excellent" rating from the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), in its annual assessment of the portrayals of LGBT people. GLAAD made the announcement on its website this morning.
This year, ABC Family becomes the second network, cable or broadcast, to receive an "Excellent" rating in this report due to the quality and diversity of its many LGBT impressions.  Of the 10 cable networks evaluated, ABC Family posted the largest increase (+18%) and ranked highest for LGBT-inclusive original content. Out of 103 total hours of original primetime programming, 56.5 (55%) hours included LGBT impressions.  ABC Family was also the most racially diverse this year, with 35% white impressions, 25% black, 13% Latino/a, and 28% multiracial.
What makes GLAAD's recognition of ABC Family most noteworthy, is that the network was founded in 1977 as CBN, The Christian Broadcasting Network, by none other than 700 Club host, holy-roller/homo-hater Pat Robertson.

That's right folks, the man who spews his gospel-inspired, anti-gay venom, serving up millions of blue-haired, little old ladies big, steaming piles of bat-shit craziness every day that leave even his co-hosts scratching their heads and thinking, "What the fuck?!", can be credited with starting the network that now gives the most accurate and positive portrayal of LGBT's in America.

Ain't that a bite in the ass, Pat?

The CW gets top marks from GLAAD among broadcast networks:
For the second year in a row, The CW is the top broadcast network in this report with 171 (33%) LGBT-inclusive hours out of 521 total hours of original programming. Last year, The CW reached 35% LGBT-inclusive hours, which remains the highest percentage ever recorded for a broadcast network since this report's inception. The CW's programming also reflected the second greatest racial/ethnic diversity among its LGBT impressions of all the broadcast networks.
You can read the full report here.

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