Friday, August 5, 2011

Sao Paulo Votes to Hold Straight Pride Parade

How we celebrate Hetero Pride in the U.S.,
Well, folks, you knew it had to happen somewhere some day, but I always figured it would happen in some white bread place like Utah. The city council of Sao Paulo, Brazil has voted to hold a Straight Pride parade on the third Sunday every December.

According to the Sao Paulo paper, Noticias, the city council passed the measure on Tuesday in order to get it out of the way. Last year the council was prevented from taking up more important business by promoters of the "not anti-gay, just pro-hetero" bill, effectively holding the city council hostage. I wonder where they came up with an idea like that?

"Hello, Congressman Boehner? We're calling to let you know that Snooki cancelled, so we have time to do that Brazilian wax you asked about. That's right, sir, Napalming the jungle will make your spray tan really pop!"

Noticias reports (with the help of Google Translator):
The text proposes that the date should be celebrated every third Sunday of the month of December. The bill establishes that the date will appear on the official calendar of the city and says it will be up to the Municipality of São Paulo "raise awareness and encourage the public to safeguard the morals and good customs." 
Author of the project, Councilman Carlos Apolinario said the bill is not against the gay community. "I appeal for respect for the gay human figure," he said. Apolinario said the project was only one way to speak out against "excesses and privileges" for the gay community. He said one of the privileges is the realization of LGBT Parade at Avenida Paulista while the March for Jesus was moved to the area north of the city.
Yes, you read that right. Just like White Supremacists aren't dissing non-whites, proponents are making it clear they're not homo-haters, they're just taking time out once a year to celebrate their heritage, because the other 364 days weren't enough. And yes, they actually moved the Jesus Parade to another part of town in order to celebrate Breeder Day in the good neighborhood.

It's now up to the mayor to either sign the bill or veto it.

I've been trying to imagine what a Straight Pride Parade would look like and the image I keep getting is the Friday night checkout line at Walmart.

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  1. I am still amused, yet nauseated, by those who say they "love and accept us", yet they knowingly and often happily give their hard earned money to their churches and others who initiate and promote the squashing of civil rights for the LGBT community. Does saying those words, out of the corners of their mouths, make them feel less like bigots and homophobes? Does it somehow ease their souls, are they trying to bargain with God? Yes, God...I am still "loving thy neighbor"....because I said it to them, didn't you hear me?

    The whole notion that the LGBT community is asking for special rights and is flaunting its "lifestyle" in their faces is pathetic at best. If there is something special about simple "equality" please tell us. If you feel we are "flaunting" our lifestyle in your direction, then what is it that you do to us relentlessly all the time? It has to be much greater than mere flaunting. I dare say that you'd be doing the same if your very civil rights were being fought for. When the oppressors want to claim to be the oppressed, it goes far beyond pathetic, to warped, and dare I say sinful.


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