Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hilarious (and kinda gross) Music Video Parody from Lady Bunny, "Like a Cheese Stick" (NSFW)

Lady Bunny returns to "RuPaul's Drag U" this season on Logo. This is the makeover show where drag queens teach women how to look like, act like and be ladies. My Gawd, what took them so long? The Wigstock co-founder has a new segment on the show called "Lady Lessons". The drag diva gave an interview with the Huffington Post recently, where she chatted with John Gascot about the her enduring career and the show's new season. Here's a sample:
JG: One of your Lady Lessons was in "ladyscaping." Each pupil had to come up with their own signature "ladyscape" shape. What's yours?
LB: Mine's called the George Bush. It's very, very dense and hides a real prick.
Here's a little comic relief from Lady Bunny to break up the monotony of the late summer doldrums and take your mind off this heatwave. The Lady presents her tribute to uncircumcised men with a parody of "Like a G6" called, "Like a Cheese Stick". This one could get you in trouble with HR, so you might want to come back on your lunch break on your iPhone or iPod.

Lady Bunny describes her latest piece this way:
"Allow me to present an homage du fromage to all those sexy, uncut men out there. OK, OK! I know it's kinda cheesy! Just like the original tune by Far East Movement featuring Dev and Catarac. My extra-ripe co-star is Jonathan Cedano. There has been some serious discussion in the comments about smegma. Nonsense! I love uncut men--that explains my breath! But this is not medical channel--it's a joke, people! I think most of you get that. How could anyone take anything that a "break-dancing" clown has to say seriously? Lighten up, folks! I mean, I know uncircumcised guys are supposed to be more sensitive but c'mon!"

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