Monday, August 8, 2011

Viking Zombie Boyfriend, by Jeremy Rizza (8-8-11)

VZB returns this week with all new strips. Congratulations to creator Jeremy Rizza and his partner, Chris Wren, who just had a commitment ceremony a few weeks ago. It's the closest thing to marriage two hot bears  can have in Kansas.

This week we take another look at another one of Dill's ex-boyfriends, a magician named Bigmajestus. I once asked Jeremy what it was about the town of Barnberg that attracted so many magical folks. (I mean, after all, Buffy had a hell mouth.) He didn't have an immediate answer. Maybe he'll explore that a bit in upcoming strips.

Personally, I think Barnberg might be a little like Floyd, Va. Lots of Wiccans here for some reason. No hell mouth, but some kick-ass medicinal herbs.

Jeremy writes: "I’m gearing up for another huge storyline (Pridefest in Barnberg!) and there’s two more strips to go before that one.  First, another Rowdy Joe exploit, and then we visit Rex and his crappy boyfriend!"

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