Monday, August 15, 2011

A note about the Malware Alert message

Last week I cross-posted a petition from The New Civil Rights Movement and calling on congress to call out anti-gay groups who are often called upon to give "expert" testimony at congressional hearings, even though their alleged evidence has been discredited by mainstream science and the greater medical community.

In my haste to post the item, I did a simple cut and paste directly from's site, instead of pasting the text to a Word Pad document,then copying it to the site. As a result, Google is flagging the content as a possible source of Malware, which can infect and damage PC's. I have removed the post from the site and hopefully removed any potential problems.

The New Civil Rights Movement and do a lot of good work in promoting LGBT Equality and has caught the attention of anti-gay hackers, who have worked their magic on at least one occasion, which is why Google has flagged the content. There is nothing dangerous currently active on the site or on mine. 

Going forward, I won't take any shortcuts. Please let me know if you have experienced any problems with Malware after visiting my site.


Rev. Steve

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