Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Watch! Another Glitter Bomb Hoard Descends on Marcus "I'm Not Gay, Dammit!" Bachmann's Ex-gay Clinic

Michele Bachmann shows hubby Marcus how it's done.
Gotta love the gay barbarian hoards that work so hard to come up with these cute routines and travel hundreds of miles to show up the bigots for what they really are. Now that's activism! This time around, the group is called "Columbus Go Home!" The choreography is extensive and slightly more "Thriller" than Gaga, but I love it any way.

This time around the flash-mobbers didn't go inside the office and the brought along their own Marcus Bachmann, just in case he was cowering inside again.

A statement from the group on their YouTube page states, in part, "Let's be clear: Marcus Bachmann is the practitioner of an unhealthy, unscientific and dangerous practice," explained Nick Espinosa, one of the event organizers. "It seems all too convenient that the minute Michele Bachamann becomes a candidate for President Marcus starts making a desperate attempt to walk back his previous statements."

The mother of the little boy in the video wrote on the group's page, "I am the mom of that little boy dancing in the front. And for all the uninformed ones out there, he BEGGED me to be in the flashmob and made his costume himself. No brainwashing from this end, just a boy with some integrity and a good heart. And a flair for the dramatic. I wonder where he gets it from?"

As it says in that dusty old book they keep beating us over the head with, "... and a little child shall lead them."

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