Tuesday, August 30, 2011

He's Back! Updates from the Rev, the Continuing Saga of a Guy Trying to Get His Shit Together

Morning Wood Acres
So sorry to have been away for the last several days. I've been up to my eyeballs in studying for my North Carolina state insurance exam. I've been in training classes for the past week for the new job at Connextions. They are an outsourcing company that runs call centers for other companies. One of those companies is a medical insurance group. There are licensed and unlicensed positions there. I've been hired for the licensed one. The difference is a higher wage and the ability to earn commissions. The up side is that the company pays for the training, exams and license fees, but the licenses are mine, so as long as I keep up with the continuing education requirements and renewal fees, I can sell insurance just about anywhere.

The final exam for the course consists of 100 multiple choice questions, which I took on Monday and passed with a score of 92%! A passing grade for the course is 80%. A passing grade for the state exam is 70%, but there are only 60 questions. Now that I've passed the course, there is a 3-day waiting period before I can take the state exam, however, due to high demand, the state is currently scheduling people 7 to 10 days out. The company does the scheduling and I'll be notified by e-mail about when my date is. There will be a review the day before the exam.

Once I get that out of the way, I start the course for the Medicare exam. It's a shorter course of 20 hours and there is also a licensing exam. After that, I begin training for the actual job I'll be doing.

Through all of this training, my hours have been 8am-5pm, so I've been up before the chickens and am still without internet access at the new house. It's coming along very well and starting to feel like home. I'll post pics soon, I promise. The Related articles link below is to a story that ran in Charlotte a couple of weeks ago about Connextions, where I've been training and will soon be gainfully employed.

We're about 75-80% done with the move. We'll be renting another big truck for the final push this week. Then it's all about cleaning up the old place and getting it sold.

Today I'm back at good old Morning Wood Acres for a few days. I will miss this place with its woods, gardens, solitude and privacy. The best part is that there are no old people yelling across the driveway. (Did I mention the new place is next door to Paul's parents?)

So, on with the updates!

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