Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Watch: Glitter Jesus Confronts Religious Bigots at Brisbane Marriage Rally (Video)

Glitter Jesus confronts Religious Bigot at Marriage Rally
A group of Aussie marriage equality activists marched through the streets of Brisbane on Saturday when they were confronted by a group on religious counter-protesters, who they promptly glitter-bombed. The LGBT side had a special guest with them in the person of Glitter Jesus.

This one comes to us via the Sunday edition of TheQIT:
Yesterday members of the LGBT community and their supporters came together for the National Day Of Action for the Equal Love’s Marriage Equality Rally. Now if you were one of the hundreds that came together for the Brisbane rally, you’d  definitely have to agree, it was quite eventful. While some came dressed in the colours of the rainbow and T-shirts with pro marriage slogans, one came dressed as Bishop Bliss and yours truly rocked up as Glitter Jesus. Yes, you gotta love ruffling a few feathers.
When the the special guests began their speeches a small group of Baptist church goers used it as their opportunity to disrupt the rally. What could have turned into a violence confrontation, was thankfully avoided with the closest thing to violence, being in the form of the bishop being shoved by one one of the church goers and a lesbian glitter bombing one of the other counter protesters.

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  1. Who is Glitter Jesus & why is he not wearing a shirt. I just vomitted a little in my mouth


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