Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Latest on The Big Move

Just thought I'd post an update on the big move to North Carolina. I'm in Gastonia for the week searching for a job. Going to submit an application/resume this morning for something that looks promising. Also got a lead from a friend down here on another possibility. Wish me luck!

I brought one of our cats, Squeaky, with me for the week to get her acclimated to the new house without the other two cats around. Wasn't sure how she was going to adapt. She's about 17-18 years old and very set in her ways. She's been very upset about the move and has been showing her displeasure by leaving me little presents in my room. I wasn't sure if it was her age or what it might be. We even took her to the vet last week. We're in a wait and see mode right now.

However, since we brought her to the new place, she's been an absolute angel. She loves the new place and has been using her cat box instead of the rug. I think what she loves the most is not having the other two cats around. She doesn't like them and hates having to fight for attention. It's been a lot less stressful all around. What she doesn't know is that, eventually, we'll all be together under one roof. for the time being, I'm enjoying having my sweet kitty back. (She can be a real bitch when she wants to be.)

I'm beginning to learn my way around town and am hoping to connect with some friends in the area while I'm here. Still have lots to get done around the house. As you can see there is an ugly carpet problem. Fortunately there is hardwood underneath.

we don't have internet service at the new place yet, so having to seek out free wi-fi wherever i can. McDonald's seems to be the place of choice around these parts. The city also provides free wi-fi in the downtown area, unfortunately, there are a lot of empty store fronts and it looks a little strange for a lone man to be sitting in his car on the street with his laptop.

More later.
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