Thursday, August 4, 2011

SC Paper Publishes Wedding Announcement for Interracial, Gay Army Vets

In a move the could be a sign that the Marriage Equality fight has passed the tipping point in public opinion, the South Carolina newspaper, The State, has published the wedding announcement of a recently married gay couple. William Hasty III and Gregory Smith met in Columbia, SC in 1984 and were recently married in Mamaroneck, NY. The two were both active duty service members when they met.

This latest development stands in stark contrast to the story of Dallas couple, GetEqual activists Mark Reed-Walkup and Dante Walkup, who sued the Dallas Morning News for refusing to publish their wedding announcement last year. The couple were legally wed in DC, but the paper told them that since same-sex marriage was illegal in Texas, they were justified in denying the couple's announcement. After a lawsuit and a petition campaign by, which gathered 15,000 signatures, the paper relented and changed its policy, effective July 10 of this year.

Below is a screen capture of Smith and Hasty's announcement. You can post your good wishes here in the couple's guest book.

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